After Sealants

If your child has just had a sealant applied to one or more of his/her teeth, in order to help insure the life of the sealant, we ask that you have your child follow the instructions below:

  • Do not chew ice cubes. Finely chopped ice is fine, but the cubes can cause the sealant to chip or come off the tooth/teeth.
  • Do not eat hard, sticky or chewy candy such as Jolly Ranchers, Caramel, Star Burst, Fruit Roll Ups, etc. Sugarless gum can be chewed.
  • Good Oral Hygiene is also important for your teeth. The sealant will protect the chewing surface of the tooth from decay, but you must have good brushing and flossing habits to protect the sides and in between the teeth.
Our office was hit hard by water damage from a burst pipe. We're working hard on getting our services back online ASAP. We'll be contacting families next week to schedule appointments.
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