Top Ten Toys of 2016

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It’s crunch time, so if you’re still looking for great gift ideas for the kids, I’ve got you covered. I reviewed the top selling items, of multiple toy companies and stores, to find the Top Ten Toys of 2016. There’s something for everyone; from intellectual stimulation, all the way to upgraded NERF warfare.

Dr. Duffy’s Top Toys of 2016

1. Hatchimal
The top toy of the year is the Hatchimal. What on Earth is a Hatchimal, you ask? Like a Tamagotchi come to life, it’s a real hatching toy. A mystery baby creature waits inside the egg, using little chirps to encourage your child to nurture it. Once it’s been held enough, the baby Hatchimal will peck through its shell and hatch in your child’s hands. With further nurturing, your child’s new friend will go through baby and toddler phases before being all grown up.

2. Lincoln Logs
Lincoln Logs is celebrating their 100th anniversary this year, and they are just the way you remember them. The anniversary tin comes with plenty of pieces and a guide to help your children start building large houses and cabins. Each piece is crafted with genuine maple and beautifully stained.

3. FurReal Friends – Torch
Torch is a cute little dragon that will be a great companion for your little one. He has over 50 sound and motion responses to different stimuli. When you fill his tank with water, he breathes an illuminated mist that can roast his color-changing marshmallow treat.

4. Hug Time Poppy
Poppy is the hug-loving hero of the new DreamWorks Trolls movie. She comes with a matching bracelet for your child to wear. When the bracelets light up, it means it’s hug time! Poppy loves hugs, and when she gets them she will light up and play music from the movie.

5. Sky Vapor Nano Drone m500
This tiny little drone was nominated for Toy of the Year, and this new version has some cool tricks. With the touch of a button, the Nano performs an auto take-off, hover, or landing. It’s nimble enough to easily perform stunts, flips, and turn corners indoors, but is tough enough to take to the air outside, too.

6. Lego Star Wars AT-ST Walker
There is, of course, a whole line of fabulous LEGO Star Wars kits to choose from, though I found the AT-ST Walker to be my favorite. Building the walker is just the beginning, as the hatch opens up to hold Imperial soldiers and the legs will move the AT-ST into action to hunt down rebels. The spring-loaded guns will even fire their payloads.

7. Play-Doh Star Wars AT-AT Attack
If we’re going to build an Imperial army, then we’d better get started on the AT-AT walker, while we’re at it. The walker is a good toy by itself, and even has a press to shoot Play-Doh “lasers”. The best thing about the set is that the AT-AT has several half molds to easily craft accompanying toys, such as an A-wing fighter or battle turrets.

8. Mattel View-Master VR
This might look like the View-Master we had when we were kids, which introduced us to the concept of 3-D imaging. It works with Google Cardboard and your smartphone (and associated apps) to place the viewer into a 3-dimensional world — or even out of this world — in an interactive environment that is all around you. The View-Master Starter Pack can help your child explore the solar system, exotic destinations, and the habitats of wildlife, all over the planet.

9. NERF N-Strike Elite HyperFire Blaster
A family friend got this for their youngest to even the odds against his siblings. Most NERF guns require a pump or lever action before firing a single dart, and the older kids gain a significant advantage over their ability to charge the NERF gun faster. The N-Strike Elite HyperFire Blaster will change the balance of power, as it is battery powered and can fire up to five darts per second from its drum of ammunition.

10. Fisher Price Code-a-Pillar
The Code-a-Pillar encourages big thinking in little learners as they connect various segments in combination to instruct the caterpillar where to go. There’s no end to the available combinations, as kids learn that as if they put hit pieces together in the right sequence, they can program the Code-a-Pillar to follow any path they can imagine. The Code-a-Pillar goes beyond teaching the 1-2-3’s and aims for developing critical thinking skills, and that’s why this toy is a top seller this year.

A Healthy Mouth is a Happy Mouth!
~Dr. Duffy

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