Top Ten Toys of 2017 – Last Minute Guide

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Have you been looking all over Flower Mound to find the perfect toys for your children? We have, too. Sometimes it’s hard to know the best target for your hard-earned dollars, so we’ve done a little research to find out what the Top Toys of 2017 are. With only days left to finish your shopping, this list should come in handy.

Dr. Duffy’s List

I’ve included links to stores that had them in stock in or around Flower Mound as of this writing, or I’ve linked to a source online that can get them here before Christmas. You can check the availability at our Flower Mound Target, here.

Hatchimals CollEGGtibles

Last year’s Hatchimal was the toy of the year. If you’re unfamiliar, Hatchimals are mystery creatures that await inside the egg. This year, they are back with a smaller, collectible option, offering a 4-pack of smaller eggs for around $10. Inside each egg, there will be one of 70 possible little friends. When the heart of the egg is rubbed, your kids can crack the egg and voila – their new little friend is ready to play.  

Teddy Ruxpin

If last year showed us anything, it’s that kids who grew up in the 80’s and 90’s want to share their favorite childhood memories with their own children. Just as many other popular toys from back in the day have returned, Teddy Ruxpin is back. Have you forgotten about him? This Teddy tells stories and sings songs. While our earlier version was tricked out with a cassette tape player, the new Ruxpin is all wired up and bluetooth ready.

Catapults & Crossbows

This Christmas, get medieval with physics! Catapults & Crossbows is a STEM kit designed to teach kids about the physics of projectiles, including lessons in force, energy, and motion, via ten versions of classic siege weapons. In case you’re worried about the projectiles, this kit is designed to only fire a safe foam-tipped bolt to be fired.

Janod Balance Scooter-Bike

The hardest part of learning to ride a bike is the balancing. That’s why many parents have been ditching training wheels for scooter-bikes, which helps young children transition into bikes more easily. The Janod Balance Scooter-Bike is a cool, retro ride for those tots ready for their own wheels.

DIY Kaleidoscope Set

Your children can see stars through the efforts of their own handiwork by building their own kaleidoscope! I’m a big fan of toys that encourage skill development and learning, and I think this is a great project for elementary school age kids to tackle.

Crime-Fighting Superheroes

Move over, Barbie! These 12-inch action dolls have ditched their heels for capes and are ready to take down the criminal underworld. This Mattel exclusive includes DC Super Girls Wonder Woman, Batgirl, and Supergirl.

Nintendo – Super NES Classic Edition

The Super NES is back this year, and it’s one of the best deals you’re going to find. The system comes in a smaller package and is updated to hook up to modern TV’s. When the Super Nintendo first launched in 1991, it had a price tag of $200 and would usually include one game; additional games were priced at around $50 each. The new SNES comes preloaded with 21 of the best Nintendo games ever, such as Super Mario Kart, Star Fox 2, and Donkey Kong Country, and can be found at Best Buy for $79.99.

FurReal Friends Tyler the Tiger

One of 2017’s top toys is Roarin’ Tyler, the Playful Tiger. This little guy has over 100 sound-and-motion responses to sound and touch. Tyler even comes with his own favorite toy, a little chicken that he loves to play with.

Crayola Easy Animation Studio

This cool product lets kids design and animate their own character, and then bring it to life via an accompanying app. Children can have fun customizing their own superhero as they learn about computer animated graphics and art. When I checked, the Crayola Easy Animation Studio was available for 50% off at the Lewisville Toys R Us.


One of the best STEM toys out this year is Geckobot, an astonishing, wall-climbing robot. This kit comes with everything needed (including a science and instructional video) to build 7 different robots, including the Gecko, which can walk vertically up smooth surfaces like windows, whiteboards, or plastic. This is a great physics project to teach your future engineers about air pressure and suction.


From everyone here at Dr. Duffy’s office, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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