Childs Play: The Dentist Office Where Kids Rule

Imagine a place where a kid can go to have fun, adults know their name, favorite cartoon, and cereal. Imagine this place having stuffed animals lying around where the walls are abundantly illustrated with safari jungle animals.

This place has a tree slide, kids magazines, and the feeling of Saturday morning cartoons. No, this isn’t daycare, this is a kids dentist office!

Debra Duffy kids dentist waiting room

Yes, your imagination is reality.

I’m here to show you how you know your dentist is a kids dentist!

7 Signs Your Dentist is a Kids Dentist

  •  Atmosphere – Right when you walk in, you can just tell you’re in a kids dentist office. You’ll enjoy warm smiles, sights, and sounds. It all starts off with a comfortable setting.
  • Staff – From the receptionist all the way to the exam room, the staff is trained to handle your kids and any special needs they may have.
  • Training – Pediatric dentists employ two years of additional training after dental school. They have a better understanding and knowledge of your child’s unique needs. In other words, we speak their language.
  • Design – It’s kid friendly! From the wall decor to the stuffed animals, it’s a kids playhouse! We even have a tree slide in our office! Talk about a fun waiting room!
  • Jargon – We speak “kid” on a daily basis, while offering them healthy oral habits in a positive, fun way.
  • Exam room – Our rooms are open, fun, and playful. We want your child to feel welcomed in the chair and not worry about the funky sounds and gadgets around them.
  • Clientele – It’ll be obvious when you walk in and you see more kids than adults! Upon walking in, the sounds of an elementary recess will be echoing throughout the office; and it’s a joy!

Debra Duffy kids dentist tree slide

No Scary Stuff Here

Proper oral health is very important to develop at a young age. We are here to encourage the necessary steps to ensure a happy, healthy smile from your child! If you’re not already a client with us, we’d love to meet you and your kids!

A Healthy Mouth is a Happy Mouth!

~Dr. Duffy

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