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Exploring Different Approaches in Pediatric Dentistry and Their Impact on Child Oral Health

Pediatric dentistry plays a crucial role in ensuring the oral health and well-being of children. Just as in general parenting, different approaches are utilized in pediatric dentistry, each with its own implications for child development and oral health outcomes. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the various approaches in pediatric dentistry and their impact […]

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Preventing Tooth Decay in Children: Best Practices

Tooth decay is a common yet preventable condition affecting children worldwide. It not only causes discomfort and pain but can also lead to more serious health issues if left untreated. Understanding the causes and implementing effective preventive measures are crucial steps in maintaining your child’s oral health and ensuring their smile stays bright and healthy. […]

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Spring into Healthy Habits

Spring into Healthy Habits: Embracing Oral Health and Nutrition This March As the metaphorical snow melts and the first green shoots begin to appear, spring offers us a fresh start. March isn’t just a transition into a new season; it’s also National Nutrition Month—a perfect time to reevaluate and renew our commitment to good oral […]

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Dental Emergencies in Children

As a parent, the well-being of your child is always a top priority. Among the various emergencies that might catch you off-guard, dental emergencies are often overlooked, yet they are surprisingly common in children. Understanding how to prepare for, respond to, and prevent these emergencies is crucial for every parent. Understanding Dental Emergencies in Children […]

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The Magic of Pediatric Dentistry

The Magic of Pediatric Dentistry: Creating a Lifetime of Healthy Smiles Every parent dreams of seeing their child’s radiant, confident smile. But what if we told you that ensuring a lifetime of healthy smiles starts well before the first tooth even erupts? Welcome to the enchanting world of pediatric dentistry, where every little tooth matters […]

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The Power of Fluoride Varnish

The Power of Fluoride Varnish: Strengthening Tiny Teeth from the Start The journey of pediatric dentistry is filled with innovative solutions tailored specifically for the tender years of childhood. One such gem in this realm is fluoride varnish, a potent ally in our mission to fortify young teeth against the challenges they might face. Let’s […]

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Age-by-Age Guide to Your Child’s Oral Health

As a parent, you strive to provide your children with the best care possible, ensuring they grow up happy and healthy. A crucial, yet often overlooked aspect of this responsibility is safeguarding their oral health. To assist you in this endeavor, Dr. Debra Duffy and Dr. Chelsea Wehr, with their skilled team in Flower Mound […]

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How to Break the Thumb-Sucking Habit: Promoting Healthy Dental Hygiene for Your Child

Thumb-sucking is a natural reflex that provides comfort and security for many young children. While it may seem harmless, it’s important for parents to be aware of the potential impact of prolonged thumb-sucking on their child’s dental hygiene and development. In this comprehensive blog post, we will delve into the reasons why thumb-sucking can be […]

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The Complete Guide to Maintaining Healthy Gums: Your Gateway to Oral Health

Oral health is not just about sparkling teeth; it also involves maintaining healthy gums. Neglecting gum care can lead to gum diseases like gingivitis and periodontitis, which can have long-term effects on your overall well-being. However, taking proper care of your gums doesn’t have to be complicated. In this blog post, we will explore essential […]

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Here’s Why You Should Floss

Did you know that cavities are one of the largest unmet health treatment needs? Untreated, they could cause pain, infections, and other problems. No one wants to go through fillings; that’s why preventative measures are much more important. You might wonder what you can do to help prevent cavities. When you floss, you’re getting between the teeth […]

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Why do we have Wisdom Teeth?

What Are Wisdom Teeth?  The majority of people grow four wisdom teeth in the back of their mouths in their late teens or early twenties. They’re the last teeth to come through and reside in all four corners of the mouth. They are also known as “third molars”. Interestingly enough, not everyone has wisdom teeth. […]

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Celebrating Dental Assistants Recognition Week

Dental assistants are healthcare professionals who work alongside dentists to provide patient care in a dental office. Their responsibilities vary depending on the state in which they work and the specific office in which they are employed, but they typically include preparing patients for dental procedures, taking x-rays, sterilizing instruments, and assisting the dentist during […]

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Why You Should Wear a Night Guard for Bruxism

Why You Should Wear a Night Guard for Bruxism

Repeatedly grinding, clenching or gnashing your teeth is known as bruxism. It may happen while you’re awake or asleep. The causes are unclear and may include a combination of genetic, physiological or psychological factors. Sleep bruxism is common and may occur in adults or children. In severe cases, sleep bruxism may lead to complications, including tooth damage, […]

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Child Brushing

Should Kids Use Mouthwash?

Only about 35% of children make their dental hygiene a priority. And that’s no surprise—after all, it’s a lot more fun to play with your friends than to brush twice a day. But for parents, there’s nothing more important than making sure that their kids are on the path towards good oral health from an early age. […]

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Children with bad teeth and eating sugar candy. Oral and bone health.

How Does Sugar Affect Your Teeth?

We’ve all heard that too much sugar is bad for you, but most people don’t know how sugar affects teeth. Studies have shown that the amount of sugar you eat should be 10 percent or less of the total amount of food you consume. Here are some dental tips to understand the effects of sugar […]

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Bad Breath in Children

Pediatric Halitosis: What You Can Do Right Now To Cure Bad Breath In Children

We all expect babies and young children to smell sweet. The childcare industry feeds this expectation by perfuming most childcare products with signature `baby aromas’. The media reinforces it by presenting imagery of children looking freshly bathed, combed and powdered and biology is at work here too, releasing `happy hormones’ like dopamine to fuel the […]

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How-Tos - Debra Duffy DDS

How To Choose The Right Toothbrush For Your Children To Ensure Oral Hygiene And Dental Health

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one in five children in the United States have untreated tooth decay and poor dental practices (such as not brushing their teeth regularly) that they carry into adulthood. This is an alarming fact, because oral hygiene has been linked to a number of health complications, such […]

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How to Combat Dental Anxiety in Children

Studies show that as much as 24% of the world population experiences dental anxiety or dentophobia. Children are no different. Dental anxiety can affect people of all ages. If you have an appointment coming up and your child is worried, there is something you can do. We have compiled a few techniques that you can […]

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Dr. Duffy and patients in Flower Mound

Why Should You Choose a Pediatric Dentist?

Why should you choose a pediatric dentist in Flower Mound over a general dentist for your children? Is there really a difference in care levels? You bet there is! The short answer is that your child will receive specialty care from a dentist specially trained to work with children from a pediatric dentist. Pediatric dentistry […]

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Dr. Chelsea Wehr

Say Hello to Chelsea Wehr, DDS

When she was young, Chelsea drove by our Flower Mound practice every day. She told herself, “Someday I’ll work there!” Chelsea thought our practice was the bee’s knees. As a student athlete with incredible marks, her determination could have taken her anywhere. She was competitive in multiple sports, including the women’s heptathlon, which requires power […]

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infant oral health

6 Building Blocks for Infant Oral Health

Tooth decay is the most common chronic disease impacting children today, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. By age 8, over half of children have had a cavity in their primary teeth. And yet,  cavities are preventable! Parents can help children establish habits that will lead to a lifetime of good […]

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sedation dentistry

Is Dental Sedation Safe for Kids?

Safety is the top consideration for parents when the topic of sedation comes up. We understand; it’s our top priority, too! Our Flower Mound dental practice offers comprehensive services for kids with complicated procedures, special needs, or high levels of anxiety. We have several tools to work with, including oral conscious sedation, IV sedation, and […]

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fruit juice cavities

Is Fruit Juice Giving Your Children Cavities?

You probably already know you should limit your child’s intake of the usual sweet suspects: sodas, candies, and other sugar-laden foods. But you should also moderate something most people consider wholesome and nutritious: fruit juice. Wait—juice is made from fruit, so it must be good for you, right? Fruit juice, even if it’s all natural, […]

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Sonicare electric toothbrush for kids

Do Kids Need Electric Toothbrushes?

Are electric toothbrushes better for kids than manual toothbrushes? I’m prepared to get into it, but first understand that either can be part of an effective dental hygiene routine. I’d like to help parents understand more about each so that you can make the best decision for your child. Manual Toothbrush vs. Electric Toothbrush First […]

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Choose Water NCDHM

Choose Water: Nature’s Drink!

February is National Children’s Dental Health Month Twenty percent of kids in the U.S. don’t drink water in a given day. That miraculous, life-giving hydration doesn’t make the cut — at least by itself. That same 20 percent of kids consume twice as many calories from sugar-sweetened beverages than children who drink water every day, […]

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safe to go to dentist

Yes, It’s Safe to Go to the Dentist

Some parents might be hesitant to make dental appointments for their children during the coronavirus pandemic. After all, dentists had a government-mandated break earlier in the year, and in August the World Health Organization gave questionable guidance that routine dental care be avoided until we sort this whole COVID-19 thing out. These steps were taken […]

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dental crowns for children

Dental Crowns for Children

Try as we might to protect them, sometimes little teeth need a bit of help. It’s one thing to add a dental crown to a damaged adult tooth, but do children’s primary teeth really need them? The answer is “yes,” but first let’s learn more about crowns. What Are Dental Crowns? When a tooth is […]

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coronavirus response

Is it Safe to Visit the Dentist Right Now?

Many have asked about the safety of dental treatment in the context of the coronavirus outbreak. As people around the globe navigate these troubled waters, the World Health Organization (WHO) has issued questionable guidance urging patients in areas with community transmission of COVID-19 to forego routine dental care. However, I respectfully disagree with the advice […]

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silver diamine fluoride

Does Silver Diamine Fluoride Stop Cavities?

Any pediatric dentist would love to have a magical treatment that could just stop cavities in their tracks. But we don’t need to sit by the wishing well; this is one dream that is already coming true! With children’s cavities on the rise, I’m happy that we have silver diamine fluoride (SDF) in our toolbox. […]

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healthy eating

Food Fight | Getting Kids to Eat Better

Is it a struggle getting your children to eat better? You’re not alone. At some point, most parents have experienced the all-too-real challenge of a child who won’t cooperate during meal times. “I’m allergic to [insert whatever meal you just spent an hour preparing here]!” “I don’t like it.” “I’m full.” “I don’t like these […]

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COVID-19 Practice Update

On Monday March 22, 2020 Governor Gregg Abbott issued an executive order. The order required dentists to delay all non-emergent treatment until midnight April 30, 2020. The American Dental Association has also recommended that dental offices nationwide should postpone all non-emergent dental visits and routine care appointments to control the spread of the Coronavirus. If […]

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artificial sweeteners

Sugar vs Artificial Sweeteners

You’re a health-conscious shopper. When choosing healthy snacks for the kids, you’ll pick up that yogurt container and take a look at the nutrition label. Low in calories and added sugar? Check. And so that yogurt finds a home in your shopping cart. But you may have overlooked something. We all understand that most “diet” […]

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Give Kids a Smile with Fluoride

  For most people, February means chocolates and roses. For a pediatric dentist, February is special because it is National Children’s Dental Health Month (NCDHM). This month is a time we dedicate to educating families about pediatric dental hygiene. This year, the NCDHM slogan is “Fluoride in water prevents cavities! Get it from the tap!” […]

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frenectomy tongue-tied

Are Frenectomies Safe? Tongue-Tied in Flower Mound

When a Flower Mound family had a baby that was struggling to breastfeed, the attending physician informed them their infant was tongue-tied. The surgical staff at the hospital recommended a frenectomy, and they wanted to use a scalpel to do the job. That’s when they contacted our pediatric dental practice to learn about their options. […]

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Does Fluoride Toothpaste Prevent Cavities?

When it comes to protecting children’s teeth, brushing and flossing simply aren’t enough. The ADA recently reaffirmed something we’ve been telling parents for a long time — toothpaste needs fluoride to prevent cavities. As a pediatric dentist, prevention is very important to me. I want our kids to have the best shot possible at living […]

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picky eaters

7 Tips for Feeding Picky Eaters

As a parent and a children’s dentist in Flower Mound, moms and dads frequently ask me for advice for getting their kids to eat healthy. It sounds simple, but every parent is familiar with picky eaters. After my own trial and error and talking to many parents at our practice, here are the most important […]

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Little girl getting dental filling

Tooth-colored Fillings for Kids

Did you know that kids in Texas have among the highest rates of tooth decay in the country? In 2008, 73 percent of third graders had experienced tooth decay, yet only 42 percent had received treatment for their cavities. While the Lonestar State is too large for me to save alone, I do my best […]

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Happy boy with mouthguard

Are All Mouthguards the Same?

Youth sports help Flower Mound children learn discipline and teamwork, in addition to just being fun. With Spring right around the corner, many are preparing for their lacrosse, softball, or baseball seasons. Spring and Summer training camps are on the horizon, too! With all of this action comes the added risk of oral injuries and […]

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Child with mouth model

Service Spotlight: What Is Fluoride Varnish?

Healthy teeth are important for our children, even if they don’t realize it. Children don’t always have the discipline to take care of their teeth as well as they should; that’s something even adults struggle with. That’s why our practice uses fluoride varnishes to help prevent tooth decay. Fluoride is an essential mineral that prevents […]

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man flossing

Sticking to Your Resolutions

2017 is already underway and many of us are probably hoping to turn over a new leaf, of sorts. Whether it’s losing weight, getting a new job, or flossing every day, many of us use the start of a new year to “remake” ourselves. “Old habits die hard.” That’s what they say, anyway. Even with […]

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Woman holding tablet with dental x-ray

Radiation Revealed!

The pioneers of early research took many unknown risks in developing the best diagnostic tool in modern medicine, and it is from their work that we have learned the truth about radiation; when to use it, and at what levels it is safe. So what is the truth? Radiation is everywhere. It is all around […]

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healthy snack and healthy smile

National Children’s Dental Health Month Spotlight

As a child’s dentist in Flower Mound, February is an important month for us. That’s because February is National Children’s Dental Health Month. From the American Dental Association’s website: “This month-long national health observance brings together thousands of dedicated dental professionals, healthcare providers, and educators to promote the benefits of good oral health to children, […]

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Resolve to Improve Flower Mound in 2016

Working as a pediatric dentist in Flower Mound, I feel connected to my city. It’s a great community full of friendly people. If we all got a bit more involved and gave a little more time back to the organizations and people around us, it could be even better. Thinking about volunteering and giving time […]

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Piggy Bank for HSA and FSA Savings

Everything You NEED to Know About Your FSA & HSA

Insurance can be confusing enough, but with a Health Savings Account (HSA) or a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) it can be even trickier. While most people enrolled in eligible programs are doing so for tax reasons, many aren’t getting all the benefits they’re paying for. A recent study showed that 77% of people made mistakes […]

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Football player with mouthguard

Completely Custom Mouthguards

Your child’s smile lights up a room and lights up your life. Why risk any damage? With school sports starting up, it’s important to take extra steps to protect that winning smile, and that means using a mouthguard. As a children’s dentist, I’ve heard my share of protest against using mouthguards. Some kids see them […]

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Cheese improves a child’s dental health

Say Cheese for Dental Health!

When you think of superfoods or power foods, what do you think of? Kale? Spinach? Avocados? Those are all great foods, but there’s one food that doesn’t get the recognition it deserves for its many health benefits– cheese. We strive to provide the best dentistry for children, and that includes educating families about foods that […]

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Dr. Aubel - Pediatric Dentist

Why We Love Dr. Aubel

I was introduced to Dr. Aubel by another associate about three and a half years ago. Dr. Aubel is quiet and refined, but over the past three years, I’ve had the chance to get to know her on a deeper, more personal level. It wasn’t long before you could tell dentistry for children is her […]

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employee spotlight

Get to Know Your Dental Team

Today we want to spotlight two very important people. Linda Otea, one of our clinical assistants, and Lequita Butcher, one of our treatment and financial coordinators, both recently had work anniversaries! Dentistry for children requires kind, gentle employees who speak “kid” and enable children to feel comfortable at the dentist office. To create a positive, […]

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Debra Duffy kids mouthguard

Peanuts and Popcorn and… Mouthguards?

You’ve looked at the calendar for weeks, knowing the day is getting closer. Your kids have reminded you about it for months as they salivate with excitement. The weather is getting warmer and warmer each day and that only means one thing: it’s sports season! Time to break out all the soccer, football, baseball, basketball, […]

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Pediatric Dentist Autism Awareness

Specialized Care: Pediatric Dentists & Autism

Did you know April is Autism Awareness Month? That means it’s a great time to spread the awareness of autism and talk the importance of choosing a pediatric dentist who understands your child’s needs. According to Autism Treatment Network (ATN), autism is defined as a “brain disorder that affects social interaction, communication and often results […]

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Debra Duffy Pediatric Dentist Diabetes Alert Day

Your Child Has Diabetes, Does Seeing a Pediatric Dentist Make a Difference?

In short, yes! When your child is diagnosed with diabetes, everyday things can become more of a challenge. As a parent, you’re constantly juggling to maintain the important balance of food, activity, and administering medications to control their blood sugar. If those blood sugars are not controlled, the complications can become a tremendous issue. Studies […]

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Debra Duffy Let Go

A Season of Sacrifice

As we approach the season of Lent, I’ve been thinking about what it would mean to let go of or sacrifice something small for a season. It’s not always about the huge declarations we make. Sometimes a small thing sets in motion a whole new way of living and thinking. Imagine if, for forty days […]

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Debra C. Duffy DDS - Dentist Checking Childs Mouth

Why Fix Baby Teeth?

We are asked this question a lot. Why should I have baby teeth fixed if they are just going to fall out anyway? We thought we’d devote this weeks post to answering this important question. There are some very good reasons to make sure baby teeth stay as healthy as possible! Baby Teeth are Important […]

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Debra Duffy WaterLase

What Can WaterLase Do For You?

WaterLase is the number one pediatric laser. And, we have it! WaterLase is made by BioLase, the global leader in Dental Lasers. We use WaterLase for fillings, preventative resins, and soft tissue repair. So, how can Waterlase benefit your child? WaterLase Benefits The WaterLase allows us to only use topical anesthetic. No more Novocaine shots. […]

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Debra Duffy Cavity Free Club

Our Cavity Free Club is Back!

It’s January and we have a really fun announcement! We are bringing back our Cavity Free Club! Back By Popular Demand When your child comes in for a cleaning and we find they are cavity/decay free, we will enter their name in our drawing for a fun prize! We will be drawing a name once […]

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healthy snack and healthy smile

Smart and Healthy School Lunches

With the holiday’s over and winter still very much with us, we thought we’d take some time to refresh our healthy school lunch packing skills. Think of it this way: if you are tired of packing the same old lunches, your kids are probably tired of eating the same old lunches. Think Outside the Lunch […]

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Flower Mound flowers in bloom

Merry Christmas to All!

Christmas is here whether we are ready for it or not! It’s the most wonderful time of the year… It’s also pretty busy so, we want to take a moment to wish each of you a very warm and festive Merry Christmas. Holiday Hours Because we will be celebrating with our families, we will be closed from […]

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Debra Duffy DDS Sonicare for Kids

Give the Gift of Clean Teeth

Since we are in the holiday spirit and busy making our Christmas shopping lists, we thought we’d give you a little tip. Everyone Needs a Toothbrush Let’s face it, toothbrushes are necessary even if they are not the most glamorous or exciting gift. The truth is, almost every person on our staff has given a […]

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Debra Duffy DDS Pajama Day

Pajama Day is November 25th

Pajama Day is coming up. Mark your calendars! Tuesday, November 25th is the day we celebrate pajama day. Our entire staff wears their PJ’s to work and if you (your child) have an appointment scheduled for the 25th  and you (or your child)  wear your PJ’s, you’ll receive an extra prize! It’s Our Tradition Every […]

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Debra C. Duffy, DDS, PA fluoride and sealants for maximum protection

Is Fluoride Varnish Safe?

In a blog we posted last week, we talked about sealants for kids’ teeth and protecting their permanent molars from decay. However, sealants aren’t the only treatment that we recommend for kids’ teeth. In order to keep their teeth healthy and strong, we also recommend doing a fluoride varnish treatment. The 4-1-1 on Varnishes It’s […]

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Debra C. Duffy DDS - Dentist Checking Childs Mouth

Sealants for Kids’ Teeth

One particular treatment we want to talk about is sealants. We use sealants to protect against tooth decay and help you and your children stay filling-free. What is the Sealant? Our teeth are not perfectly smooth surfaces. Each tooth has pits and grooves that are difficult to keep clean. This is why a sealant is […]

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Debra C. Duffy DDS - Candy Buyback

Got Candy, Want Cash?

Yep, it’s that time of year again where we will give cold, hard cash for all that candy you haul in after all the Halloween festivities have come to a close. This program has been a huge success for 14 years, and we find that it’s a great alternative to the kids being tempted by […]

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Dr. Debra Duffy DDS Halloween candy buyback

Keeping Little Goblins Safe

This time of year can be scary for more reasons than just all the ghouls and goblins walking around on Halloween! There are certain safety measures everyone needs to take to keep kids safe while they are out walking door-to-door this coming Halloween – something we would never let them do any other time of […]

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Debra C. Duffy DDS - Fruit that is good for your teeth

Snacks That Won’t Bite Back

  Snacks that won’t bite back? Yes, you heard us correctly, but we aren’t talking about your food jumping off the plate and attacking you (unless you live in the Amazon or something); we’re actually talking about those after-school snacks that all kids crave when they walk through the front door after a long day […]

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Debra C. Duffy DDS - Boy putting in his mouth guard

What’s That in Your Mouth?

Preventing injury to kids’ teeth is especially important this time of year, as kids are headed back to school and back to the sports they love so much. But how do you keep their teeth safe while they’re running around and playing these sports? You get them fitted for protective mouthguards. What to Buy The […]

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Debra Duffy DDS school zone sign

Watch Those Zones!

It’s that time of year again: the kids are back at school, and those school zones will be really active with busy kids and parents coming and going. That’s why we decided it’s a good time to remind everyone what to watch for and to provide a few friendly tips for traveling through school zones. […]

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Debra Duffy DDS original Big Tex as Santa

Get to Know Big Tex!

If you’ve ever been to Texas, chances are that you’ve seen our iconic Big Tex as he stood fifty-two feet tall, greeting everyone who came to the Texas State Fair since it was moved here in 1951. Big Tex started his career as a giant Santa Claus in Kerens in 1949, in an attempt to […]

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Debra Duffy DDS PA cute baby with drool bib

Lidocaine Is Not For Teething

During the first few years of children’s lives, all of their baby teeth will push through the gums, often causing an uncomfortable sensation referred to as teething. Teething can be very uncomfortable for infants and toddlers. Some of the symptoms that indicate your child might be teething include: Drooling Irritability or fussiness Biting behavior Refusing […]

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Debra Duffy Happy 50th Birthday greeting

It’s A Celebration!

We LOVE to celebrate birthday’s and we’ve got one very special birthday we’d like everyone to hear about. You’d never know it to look at her, but our very own Dr. Debra Duffy is celebrating her 50th birthday, on September 7th! We are truly grateful to be a part of her staff and we appreciate […]

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Debra Duffy DDS Calvin and Hobbes checking their teeth

The Ultimate Showdown: Plaque vs. Tartar

There are so many different things we talk about when it comes to oral health, that sometimes we don’t realize when our patients might not fully understand what each one means. We thought we’d take a moment to provide an educational piece on the difference between plaque and tartar, including the causes for each and […]

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What You Don’t Know About Water

  You’ve probably heard the advice that in order for your body to have proper hydration, you need to drink eight, 8oz glasses of water every day. But is this really accurate for every-body? A five year old child, for instance, would not be able to drink that much water and still feel okay because too […]

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Warning Over Children’s Dental Health

We recently ran across the following video regarding the dental health of children in England, and felt like our patients needed to know about it. The video, however, does come with a warning because what they’re discussing is a very concerning problem and might be a little difficult for some people to watch, especially those […]

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Don’t Forget the Chapstick

During the summer, there is always an increase in the use of sunscreen to protect our skin from the harmful rays of the sun, especially here in Flower Mound, Texas, where there is certainly no shortage of sun. However, there is another product just as important as sunscreen that many people seem to forget, and […]

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Putting an End to the Summer Doldrums

We hear all about how the kids can’t wait to get out of school and start having fun during the summer, but lots of parents can’t find enough activities to keep them busy and don’t want them watching tv or playing video games all summer. That’s why we decided to put together these fun summer […]

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A Success Story: Newborn Oral Surgery

Last month we made a blog post about the new Biolase WaterLase iPlus, which we are really excited about having in our office—and for good reason. A pediatrician in our area contacted us recently, looking for a referral for an oral surgeon to perform surgery on the mouth of a newborn who was having trouble […]

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Give Us Your Best Guess!

We have an exciting contest going on right now that you’re going to want to get in on soon, because time is of the essence! Our treatment and financial coordinator, Cristina, is expecting her second child near the end of July, so we thought we’d have a fun contest where you can win a fabulous […]

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Just Like a Professional Athlete

It’s getting to be that time of year when we’re getting a lot of kids asking about mouthguards for football, baseball, soccer, and several other sports that can potentially cause injury to their teeth (yes, even bike riding!), and we have a great answer: Drufomat mouthguards. Drufomat is the latest and greatest technology in custom-fit […]

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It’s Faster Than You Think

If you help your kids bush for two minutes twice a day, they’ll have fewer cavities, better breath, and healthier teeth. It will also help them avoid painful dental problems later. Here’s a fun, two-minute video kids can watch while they brush their teeth. By the time it’s over, they won’t even realize the time […]

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No More Drills or Needles

You may have seen a new machine here if you’ve come in for any treatments or procedures lately, and it has the office all abuzz! This new machine is called the Biolase WaterLase iPlus, and it’s paving the way for simpler, more efficient, and virtually painless treatments that we can perform right here in our […]

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Debra Duffy Dress Up

We Love Dress Up Too

Some of you may have been wondering why we sometimes dress a little crazily around our office. Well, we’ve found that we can learn a lot from kids, and one of the things we know for sure is that kids love to have fun, and sometimes that fun involves dressing up. Because we like to […]

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