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employee spotlightToday we want to spotlight two very important people. Linda Otea, one of our clinical assistants, and Lequita Butcher, one of our treatment and financial coordinators, both recently had work anniversaries!

Dentistry for children requires kind, gentle employees who speak “kid” and enable children to feel comfortable at the dentist office. To create a positive, playful atmosphere for our young patients, every employee has to be on board with our mission. We can safely say Linda and Lequita are 100% on board.

Our practice wouldn’t be the same without Linda and Lequita. We appreciate everything they do, and we’re so grateful they’re a part of our happy work family.

We want to introduce you to Linda and Lequita so you can learn a little bit more about the people who contribute to our practice and make coming to work every day a joyful experience.

Linda Otea of Debra Duffy, DDSLinda Otea

Linda’s been with us as a Clinical Assistant for 19 years, and we don’t know what we’d do without her.

From Dr. Duffy:

“On June 5th, Linda Oteo celebrated 19 years of service with my office.  Linda is a Registered Dental Assistant. Linda also retains Radiology, Nitrous Oxide Monitoring, Coronal Polishing and Sealant Application certifications. Linda is a loving wife and mother of 3 children, Andrew, Roy, and Rachel.

Linda is blessed with one grandchild, Ana Marie, who is 11 years old.  She loves being a grandparent!  Linda has devoted 19 years to the love and care of our patients and the practice.  Linda is currently working part time in order to care for her mother-in-law and we miss her not being here every day with us. Our office would not know what to do without the selfless care she exudes daily with her co-workers, patients and the families of this practice. We Love You, Linda!”

Linda has lived in Flower Mound for 20 years; she moved to Flower Mound when her husband was transferred to the area. In her free time, she enjoys reading, gardening, and having lunch with friends. She especially enjoys Italian food.

If Linda had a day completely to herself, she says, “I’d get a massage, go shopping, and maybe take a nap to celebrate ME.”

Linda sincerely enjoys helping wherever she can, and it’s her coworkers, the children, and their parents who motivate her to do such an excellent job every day she’s at work.

What’s Linda’s favorite part about working with us? In her words, “I love and respect Dr. Duffy. I love all the children and our wonderful staff.”

Lequita Butcher of Debra Duffy DDSLequita Butcher

Lequita just celebrated her two year anniversary at Debra Duffy, DDS. She’s a treatment and financial coordinator, and everyone at the office would be lost without her unique talents and knowhow.

From Dr. Duffy:

“In June, Lequita celebrates 2 years of dedicated service to our practice. Lequita is one of our financial and treatment coordinators. She graduated in 1999 from ATI dental assisting school and worked as a dental assistant prior to joining our practice. Lequita is a single mother of 3 boys, Antonio, Alex ,and Adrian. She is a pleasure to have as part of our business office and a joy to have on our team.  We hope to celebrate many more anniversaries with Lequita! Thank you, Lequita, for all you do!”

Lequita currently lives in Lake Dallas with her children. When she’s not at work, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She also enjoys going to the lake for a bit of fishing, which she is learning from her boyfriend Chris. She loves both Mexican and Italian food.

If she had a day completely to herself, Lequita says, “I would just enjoy it, relax and maybe treat myself to a spa day — nails, pedicure and massage. Because being a single mom, that is sometimes needed and deserving.”

Lequita is continually motivated to learn new things and to expand her knowledge of the dentistry field. She loves both her coworkers and her positive work environment.

When we asked Lequita what her favorite part about working for our practice is, she replied, “The ladies that I work with and the atmosphere.  I love that when I have a question about something that I can always ask and it be answered without judgment.”

Thank you, Linda and Lequita! Dentistry for children is all about making the kids feel comfortable. It’s great when their parents know their kids are in good hands, but making our patients feel at ease during a dental visit takes a special touch. Employees like Linda and Lequita make everything we do possible.

A Healthy Mouth is a Happy Mouth!

~Dr. Duffy

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