Summer’s Nearly Here, Flower Mound!

Children enjoying summer

As a children’s dentist in Flower Mound, we understand that summer is a special time for children. Learning during the school year is vitally important to their growth and their future, but summer allows for exploration, new experiences, and making life-changing social connections.

If you’re looking to help your children thrive in a structured environment this summer, there are many area summer camps that might work perfectly for your needs.

Summer camps allow children to make friends, explore, gain new experiences, and continue their education (in the disguise of summer fun!) while school is out.

As an added bonus, summer camps offer a real solution for parents who need to find something for their children to do during the summer hours where they would normally be in school.

If you have a full work schedule and your children aren’t quite old enough to be home alone, summer camps offer a more enriching experience than most daycare or babysitting options.

We want you and your children to have a great, relaxing, and memorable summer, so we made this list of area summer camps you might enjoy.

Science, Technology, and Education

If your child is interested in science, technology, engineering, and math, you should be very pleased. STEM careers are lucrative and rewarding, and the world will always need more scientists and engineers.

STEM summer camps help nurture children’s’ interests in those highly-desirable fields, and provide a structured, fun environment that maximizes both social interaction and educational potential.

Here are some of our favorites:

  • Intro to Kids Battle Robots – If your child is brainy and competitive, this camp is perfect. It’s fast-paced and focused on a fun game, but it also goes in-depth into the mechanics, design, and programming aspects of robotics. Campers get to build two robots and engage in friendly competition with other students. They’ll be proud of their work, and they’ll have a blast in the battle arena. This camp is held in Coppell, and you can find more information here.
  • Discover Your Inner Scientist – This science camp has something for everyone. It covers the science of plants, animals, biology, physics, chemistry, space, electricity, light, sound, and space in a fun, game-based environment. No matter which aspects of science your child is interested in, they’ll make a summer to remember. This camp is held in Richardson, and you can find more information here.
  • Dallas Mad Science Camps – As far as STEM camps go, they don’t come more highly recommended than Mad Science. If you’re up to making the trip to Dallas, the full day camps are an educational treat. If not, Mad Science partners with the YMCA and libraries in Denton County to bring STEM fun closer to home. Kids can build bridges, dig for dinosaur fossils, launch a model rocket, learn the science behind sports, and much more. You can find more information here.

Sports and Exercise

If your child plays sports during the school year and there’s a lull in that activity, they may become restless.

You can find some general summer sports leagues in the Flower Mound area here and here.

If your child might prefer more of an intense training and learning experience, here are some summer camp suggestions:

  • PGA Golf Camp – These PGA Golf Camps, presented in association with the YMCA, aim to present an affordable way to introduce your children to golf, or to help them finely hone their skills. These week long camps teach fundamentals, encourage good sportsmanship, and help campers become more familiar with real golf courses. More info here.
  • Best Gymnastics Camp – Best Gymnastics, based in Flower Mound, offers summer camps for children ages three and up. Their 12,000 square foot gym has six large trampolines, a foam pit, and tumble track. Beginners will learn safety, improve their physical fitness, and improve their self esteem. All activities are supervised, and children are lead by experienced coaches who focus on safety first. Morning and afternoon sessions are available. More info here.
  • AquaKids Swim Camp – Each AquaKids swim camp last two weeks, and there are a variety of lesson program to benefit children of various skill levels. There’s no better way to spend a hot summer day than improving your swimming technique in a cool swimming pool with adult supervision. More information is available here.

Art, Music, and Fun

If your child has a natural talent for the arts, there are plenty of camps to suit their needs. These camps are also great for kids with multiple interests who might want a break in between sports and science camps.

We’ve also included some miscellaneous camps in this section that aren’t quite about art or music, but are tons of fun in their own right.

Here’s our short list:

  • Kids Woodworking Camp – If your child loves making things with their hands, this might be their favorite event of the summer. This camp safely teaches the fundamentals of woodworking, and provides a supervised, hands-on experience with all of the relevant tools and equipment. Each session of the camp focuses on a different project– each one a functional item that your child will be able to use for many years. With small class sizes and a working, real-world approach to a variety of woodworking skills, this camp is an amazing opportunity for the right child. This camp is held in  Southlake, and you can find more information here.
  • Young Musicians Crash Course Level 1 – This week-long music camp is perfect for children who love music, but have not yet refined their skills with any given instrument. The camp focuses on existing talents, but also encourages children to find new talents within themselves. The camp teaches vocal techniques, songwriting, various instruments, dance, and stage presence. An individualized program can be customized for your child. This camp is held in Carrollton, and you can find more information here.
  • Summer Band Camps at School of Rock – What sets the School of Rock apart from other music camps? For one thing, they focus on the music kids actually listen to. They’re already invested in the music they’ll learn at the School of Rock’s summer camps, and that makes all the difference in the world. It makes practice a fun activity instead of a chore. No instrument is necessary for this camp, and children can learn guitar, bass, drums, vocals, keyboard, and more. Best of all, the camp takes place right in Flower Mound. More info here.
  • Various YMCA Camps – When it comes to summer day camps, the YMCA is always reliable. Their Camp on the Lake, on Lake Lewisville, is a waterfront day camp that provides activities like archery, horseback riding, arts, crafts, water activities, and more. Camp on the Lake turns sleepaway camp activities into day camp activities. They also offer more traditional day camps that focus on social interaction, core values, conflict resolution, and leadership skills. There are also plenty of field trips, as well as ample swim time. More information here.
  • Explorer Camp – The Explorer Camp is a week-long day camp that consists of games, exploration, swimming, arts, and crafts. Campers will also have the opportunity to visit the DFW Metroplex on a supervised field trip. More information here.
  • Adventure Camp – Adventure Camp is perfect for middle school-aged children who need something fun to do during the summer days. Each day provides a different field trip somewhere in the DFW area, and activities might include laser tag, paintball, Speed Zone, Jump Street, and more. Information is available here.


As a children’s dentist in Flower Mound, we know summer is an exciting time for your children. With the help of some well-structured summer camps, it can be an exciting time for you, too.

Do you have any additional summer camps in or around Flower Mound you’d like to share? Contact us today and we’ll share the best of the best on our social media!

A Healthy Mouth is a Happy Mouth!

~Dr. Duffy

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