Are You New to Flower Mound?

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As parents, raising our children in the best environment possible, is essential. We look for exceptional schools, welcoming communities, and great, safe neighborhoods, so it comes as no surprise to us locals, that everyone wants to raise their family in the best town in Texas!

Our community boasts a strong economy, steady growth, and some of the best schools in the area.

Whether you are new to the area or a local who wants to change providers, we want to help make the most out of your child’s first visit to the best children’s dentist in Flower Mound.

Note: If you are not new to the area, but switching providers, rather, bring with you any records or x-rays you may have from your child’s previous dentist.

What to Expect

You’ve already made the first appointment, so what can you do to make it as seamless as possible?

  • Forms: Prepare your relevant forms in advance. Every doctor or dentist visit you’ve ever had probably involved a bit of paperwork, especially during the first visit. You can take care of your child’s medical history form in advance to eliminate initial wait time. If you’re the type that likes to work ahead, you can even review our privacy practices, financial policies, and determine your preferred methods of contact, before your first visit
  • Insurance: What insurance information is needed? It’s best to check with your dental insurance provider before your first visit to evaluate the extent of your coverage. Knowing what your insurance does and does not cover, up front, will be beneficial to treatment plans and cost. While we may be able to give you guidelines and/or treatment cost estimates, ultimately your insurance plan will determine exact costs. And don’t forget to bring an up-to-date copy of your insurance card from the plan that covers your child.
  • Bring your ID: Your child won’t need an ID, but you will need to bring yours.

  • Meet the staff: During the first visit, we’ll make sure you and your child get a chance to tour our practice and learn your way around. This is a great chance to meet the staff and have an introductory chat with our doctors. This will help familiarize your child with the environment and the new people.

  • Comfort and Ease:  During your child’s first visit, we invite you to come back to our exam room with them. This will help your child become comfortable with the new area and staff. For our younger patients, we find they are more at ease when sitting in a parent’s lap; at least until they are comfortable with their new surrounds. After we get to know each other, in future visits, you can help us gain the trust of your child by remaining in the waiting room during their dental visit.

Find Your Child’s Dental Home

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that a child have their first dental visit by their first birthday, and every six months thereafter.

All children are different, but we find our tailored process will make their first visit a learning opportunity by teaching and demonstrating what will happen during the initial visit and making them as comfortable as possible in the process.

We are happy to welcome your family to our practice and look forward to being your child’s dentist!

A Healthy Mouth is a Happy Mouth!

~Dr. Duffy


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