Completely Custom Mouthguards

Football player with mouthguard

Your child’s smile lights up a room and lights up your life. Why risk any damage? With school sports starting up, it’s important to take extra steps to protect that winning smile, and that means using a mouthguard.

As a children’s dentist, I’ve heard my share of protest against using mouthguards. Some kids see them as unnecessary and some kids just don’t want to take the extra steps before a game or practice. That’s why we’ve worked hard to make our mouthguards something special.

Every young athlete should be able to customize their mouthguard so it’s something fun and unique for them. Your child has to wear a mouthguard to protect their teeth, so why not get a mouthguard they actually like?

Why Mouthguards Matter

Though they might not admit it, having a full, healthy set of teeth is important to kids. It might not cross their mind very often, but when they start thinking about their teeth, they’ll start to connect the dots and realize mouthguards are important.

If they don’t come to that conclusion on their own, I have a few helpful statistics that usually will.

Athletes are 60x more likely to sustain injury to their teeth or jaw when they don’t wear a mouthguard. 60 is a pretty big multiplier. Chipped and broken teeth are painful, and the repair process isn’t usually cheap or easy. Kids usually understand how daunting that statistic is– they’ll subconsciously cover their mouth with their hands while they look at me with wide-eyed surprise. I don’t want to scare anyone, I just want them to know how important mouthguards really are.

Kids value their teeth, and so do we. Sometimes the facts just help us gently nudge them in the right direction.

Mouthguards also prevent at least 200,000 injuries each year. That’s another big number. Some sports are rough and tumble by nature, and a mouthguard is easy protection.

Finally, my least favorite statistic– only 36% of 5-17 year old athletes wear mouthguards during games or practice. Knowing that fact helps encourage children to become part of the elite group of athletes who protect their teeth during game time.

Making Mouthguards Your Own

The good news is, our custom mouthguards, using state of the art Drufomat technology, are the only true custom fitting mouth guard; completely affordable and easy to use, and worth every penny. Injuries are easy to prevent but very painful and costly to fix.

Our Drufomat mouthguards fit comfortably and help prevent chipped and broken teeth, lip injuries, tongue injuries, jaw injuries, and reduce concussion severity. They fit great and they work wonders– but what do they look like?

The answer: anything your child wants!

We can customize mouthguards with:

  • All different colors, including team colors or just favorite colors
  • Team logos
  • Names
  • Jersey Numbers
  • Other logos, phrases, or images

Young athletes often form attachment to their mouthguards if they have a hand in creating the design. A mouthguard is something they’ll be wearing all the time, after all, so they might as well love it. Even professional athletes use Drufomat custom fit mouthguards because they too know the importance of protecting their smile.

We’re your children’s dentist, so we understand the value and importance of using a mouthguard. Your child’s smile will always be one of their best assets, so it’s best to protect their pearly whites during school sports. With a little bit of customization and a comfortable fit for their mouthguard, your child will agree with us.

A Healthy Mouth is a Happy Mouth!

~Dr. Duffy









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