Watch Those Zones!

Debra Duffy DDS school zone sign

It’s that time of year again: the kids are back at school, and those school zones will be really active with busy kids and parents coming and going.

That’s why we decided it’s a good time to remind everyone what to watch for and to provide a few friendly tips for traveling through school zones.

Identifying School Zones

There are several different signs that indicate you are in a Texas school zone:

  • Traffic signs are the most common and obvious indicator. In many cases, there are signs posted even before you get to the school zone to let you know that you approaching it. You should also see a sign that says “School Zone” and shows the appropriate speed limit and the hours that the school zone is in effect. Signs are painted white and neon yellow so that they are easily visible.
  • Flashing lights are part of many school zone signs; they flash yellow whenever the school zone is in effect. Most of the time, Texas school zone speed limits are only in effect directly before and directly after the school day. However, if you see the yellow lights flashing at other hours of the day, you should still slow down.

Cops in Crosswalks

Debra Duffy DDS police officer in crosswalkIn Flower Mound, we have a program called “The Flower Mound Police Department Cops in Crosswalks,” which involves the Flower Mound Police Department Traffic Section working undercover with the crossing guards to observe violations and enforce those traffic laws.

A few of the infractions they’ve cited drivers with are

  • speeding
  • cell phone use
  • not using safety restraints
  • stopping in a crosswalk

Texas has imposed increased fines and court costs on drivers caught speeding in school zones. At the very least, there is an extra $25 court cost added on to the cost of your ticket.

Let’s keep our streets and our children safe by always following these safe driving practices:

  1. Follow the speed limit.
  2. Come to a complete stop at intersections with stop signs.
  3. Eliminate distractions.
  4. Always stop for loading and unloading school busses.
  5. Triple check all blind spots when either reversing or moving forward.
  6. Watch for bicycles.
  7. Plan ahead, and leave early for your destination.

The life of a child is very precious and irreplaceable, which is why we want to stress the importance of following all the rules of the road while driving through a school zone.

A Healthy Mouth Is a Happy Mouth!

~Dr. Duffy


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