Get to Know Big Tex!

Debra Duffy DDS original Big Tex as SantaIf you’ve ever been to Texas, chances are that you’ve seen our iconic Big Tex as he stood fifty-two feet tall, greeting everyone who came to the Texas State Fair since it was moved here in 1951.

Big Tex started his career as a giant Santa Claus in Kerens in 1949, in an attempt to lure Christmas shoppers into the town as opposed to shopping in the neighboring town of Corsicana.

Unfortunately, the attempt failed, and the town of Corsicana moved on and sold its giant Santa to R. L. Thornton, the State Fair president at that time.

The Transformation!

Being in the great State of Texas, which conjures up all sorts of images of vast open spaces and Wild West cowboys, Mr. Thornton commissioned an artist to revamp the giant Santa to make him fit in a little better as a year-round resident, and that’s when Big Tex made his big debut.Debra Duffy DDS Big Tex on King of the Hill

Big Tex has reigned over the Texas State Fair ever since that day, even landing appearances in a promotional comic book, The Uncanny X-Men at the State Fair of Texas, and an episode of King of the Hill in 2004.

Well, Big Tex is big, and when he celebrated his 60th birthday in 2013, he made a big impact on the residents of Texas: he burnt to the ground.

A Phoenix Rising from the Ashes

Well, the great State of Texas wasn’t about to let Big Tex disappear like the small town he started out in, and he was rebuilt bigger and better than before.

Debra Duffy new Big Tex

Like a great Phoenix rising from the ashes, Big Tex is ready to greet everyone who comes out to the Texas State Fair this year and will be a towering fifty-five-foot tall icon sporting a symbolically rich white shirt for his triumphant return.

The Texas State Fair runs from September 26 to October 19 and is sure to have something for everyone!

A Healthy Mouth Is a Happy Mouth!

~Dr. Duffy

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