Why I Love Being a Flower Mound Dentist

Recently, Dr. Duffy took some time to answer a couple of questions about Flower Mound and why it’s so important to her. We’re excited to share what she had to say!

What brought you to Flower Mound?

About the time I wanted to make a move from Fort Worth to get my own practice, an orthodontist had heard through the grapevine that I was looking around. He said I could come in and use his office to start my practice. It blossomed after the first 6 months and we’ve never looked back.

What are your three favorite reasons for living in Flower Mound?

Even though it’s getting bigger, it still has a nice small town feeling. It has a great variety of shops, dining and other services. And it’s so close to Dallas and Fort Worth, you can go to the big city whenever you want.

The Feeling of Home

What’s your favorite part about being a dentist in Flower Mound?

Again, I love that small town feeling; when I go to the grocery store or a restaurant or one of our festivals, kids notice me and I love to see them “out of the office.” They come up and give me hugs and they see that I’m a normal person. Most of the time they’re pretty shy though.

Do you have any special memories about Flower Mound you would like to mention and share?

When I first came to Flower Mound, it was such a small place. Fields and horse farms were everywhere. Being a horse lover and owner, all this appealed to me. There were only a handful of places to eat. The old Kroger had a Chinese place. There was Bari’s in their first location where the kids could get the booth “by the window of the kitchen” so you could see the boys making pizza. This city has grown since then, but in a nice way.


What makes the people you live and work with special to you?

Flower Mound is a wonderful place. The people here are friendly, helpful, and kind. They always seem to smile and say hello. I have the most fabulous network of dental colleagues anyone could ask for. The general dentists that have been here in our community know I can take care of the children of their practice and when they, the kids, have grown up, I’ll be sending them right back. The specialists, the orthodontists, the oral surgeons, the endodontists, etc., are excellent practitioners that will take care of the needs of MY kids when I need them. We have a wonderful network and most of the doctors have become close, personal friends over the years.

What makes Flower Mound children so special?

I feel like Flower Mound kids are genuine. Obviously, as kids get older they are exposed to so many things. The young children are straightforward and tell it like it is…”out of the mouths of babes.” As they get older and can have great conversations with me and the staff, I find that they are involved and interested in a diverse number of activities. We don’t have just sports kids, we have artists and musicians and kids who want to be teachers and astronauts. I love when a child tells me they’re going to be a dentist! It really is music to my ears. I’ve done something right and that makes my heart feel good.

Meet the Whole Family

I couldn’t be the dentist I am today if not for the great people who help me. My office manager, Teressa, has been by my side for 20 years and together we have built this practice with integrity, passion, and love for the kids of this town and the surrounding areas. Other team members have been here for 10-18 years, which proves they love our practice and are committed to serving the children and their parents.

This is exactly the reason for our upcoming Jungle Jam! We want to meet you and your family. So, mark your calendars…

Friday, June 5th from 4:30pm – 7pm. Stop by our office to say hello and meet the team. Enjoy complimentary hot dogs and a bounce house, face painting, petting zoo, and so much more! RSVP here by June 1st.

A Healthy Mouth is a Happy Mouth!

~Dr. Duffy

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