A Prom Ready Smile in Just 45 Minutes!

As some of you are preparing for prom, you’re probably trying to decide on the right color of dress, the perfect shoes, and even a  limo service! We want to mention one more thing that will surely stand out in all the pictures your parents (and friends) are going to be taking.

A mega-watt smile! You want your smile to be as bright as it can be!

We are currently offering our Epic Whitening service to individuals that have completed their orthodontic treatment and have all their permanent teeth. It’s a 45-minute procedure that includes custom made trays you can take home and use when a touch-up is needed!

This Epic Whitening service is being offered for only $378.00

Debra Duffy Prom

It’s Your Smile, Make it Epic!

Using a specialized hand piece and our hydrogen peroxide-based gel, the Epic tooth-whitening laser is designed to lighten the color of your teeth in brief, two minute cycles.

Throughout the entire treatment, we will keep your soft tissues (i.e., lips, gums cheeks, and tongue) covered, as not to expose them to the whitening gel. We will also be using a plastic retractor to help keep your mouth open during treatment. Doing so lessens your jaw stiffness after treatment!

We will also provide hip safety glasses to protect your eyes! We also suggest applying lip balm when needed to help avoid chapped lips. And once your treatment is complete, an intra oral photo will be taken to assess and record your smile, before and after!

How to Keep the Whitest Smile. Ever.

After you have left our office, we want to offer a few recommendations that will help keep your smile bright for months to come! We recommend avoiding dark colored sodas, coffee, tea, grape juice or other acidic foods and beverages as they can dull your smile.

Another important aspect of maintaining your whiter teeth is staying current with your regular dental exams and twice yearly cleanings.

Let’s make sure your smile is totally ready for the prom. Make an appointment with us, today!


A Healthy Mouth is a Happy Mouth!

~Dr. Duffy

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