March: National Nutrition Month – But What Does That Mean For You?

We all live busy lives. Between work and the kids, homework, ballet recitals, and football practice there is barely any daylight in our schedules.

Let’s all just take a deep breath, shall we? And can you believe it’s already March, 2015? How is that possible?

Well, since it’s March and National Nutrition Month, we thought we’d dedicate this post to all the ways we can keep our families healthier. Really, there are four things we can do to promote health and wellness at home.

Four Tips for a Healthier Family


  1. Everyone eats breakfast. No exceptions. A cup of coffee does not count as breakfast. A bowl of oatmeal works wonders for your mornings. It adds a little protein and a little fiber. And, it will keep your kids focused and ready to work until lunchtime rolls around. Your productivity will go up as well. We promise.
  2. Provide healthy snacks. The truth is, if you don’t buy a bunch of junk at the grocery store, that junk will not be available at home for your kids or you to consume. Fresh is best!
  3. Make meals together. We know how busy you are. But, time spent together preparing fresh, unprocessed meals, is never wasted. Plus, if you have picky eaters or kids whose mouths are sore from their braces, they are more likely to eat it, instead of rolling their eyes, if they help with the dinner prep.. We feel your pain on this one!
  4. Drink water. We like to think about it this way: don’t drink empty calories.


One last thing!

We think water is super important for so many health reasons.

For more information on the health benefits of water, we’ve already blogged on this very subject! Read all about it right here!

A Healthy Mouth is a Happy Mouth!

~Dr. Duffy



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