Is Fluoride Varnish Safe?

Debra C. Duffy, DDS, PA fluoride and sealants for maximum protection

In a blog we posted last week, we talked about sealants for kids’ teeth and protecting their permanent molars from decay.

However, sealants aren’t the only treatment that we recommend for kids’ teeth. In order to keep their teeth healthy and strong, we also recommend doing a fluoride varnish treatment.

The 4-1-1 on Varnishes

It’s important to understand what the best and safest treatment options are for your kids  because let’s face it, your kids’ health and safety is one of your biggest priorities, and it’s ours too.

Fluoride varnish is a protective coating that easily adheres to the teeth because it is sticky. It makes the outer layer of enamel harder, which can help stop cavities that have already started, as well as help prevent new cavities from forming.

The fluoride varnish is a preventative, and painless treatment that is easily painted on all surfaces of the teeth with a small disposable brush.

Since the varnish is painted onto the teeth, using a very small amount of varnish so almost no fluoride is swallowed, it can be applied on babies from the time they have their first tooth and is considered to be a safe treatment option for your children.

After Treatment

Although fluoride varnish is a safe and simple treatment that is applied at each 6 month preventative care appointment, there are some important things to remember after treatment:

  • No hot fDebra Duffy protective coating on teethoods or drinks four to six hours after the varnish is applied, because it will melt the varnish
  • No hard or chewy foods like chips, ice, and gum on the day of the treatment, as they could chip or pull off the varnish
  • Do not brush your child’s teeth for at least 6 hours after application.

One thing to keep in mind when considering fluoride varnish as a potential treatment for your child, is that it is not recommended for anyone that has an allergy to any of the ingredients, or if there are any noticeable sores in the mouth or on the gums.

If you have any questions about this treatment, or any other services we offer, feel free to ask any member of our very qualified staff.

A Healthy Mouth is a Happy Mouth!

~Dr. Duffy


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